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First edition covers September 2020

Welcome to MADV #001

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🤓 Must reads!

  • UA is dead but creative is king: this month must-read contender is AppAgent’s ACE creatives framework

  • I intend to keep this newsletter (mostly) about app marketing, but this post about getting promoted is just too good not to read. Hard truths most try to deny and several among of the reasons I decided to go self-employed.

🤳 First party content

This newsletter features primarily other people’s content, on purpose. Once in a while, I do publish stuff myself:

  • ASA automation tool SearchAdsHQ posted some of my opinions on the channel, as well as several other interesting people’s (Nadir Garouche, Johannes Von Cramon, Andrea Raggi…)

  • I participated in the super cool first episode of Admiral’s Play2Grow where you may have seen me crash cars in Art of Rally. I dont think that was recorded though…

🔥 What’s hot, September 2020

☑️ The subscription corner

💀 The IDFA corner

  • Great quote from MDM’s Eric: “The IDFA is the hydrocarbon of the ads industry. But it takes time to transition away toward a ‘green energy’ measurement”. Later completed in a post.

  • FB finally releases its “solution” for iOS14: 9 campaigns max, almost no targeting, no VO, no VTA, no creative report, mandatory SDK, all measurement through SkAdnetwork. The floor is the limit! Not sure where that leaves MMPs here, but blackboxing even further can’t be good for advertisers. I’m probably wrong again: $FB up 5% within hours after :facepalm:

  • Also FB: Facebook *may* kill the audience network after IDFA deprecation and focus solely on first-party inventory. Mixing first/third party inventory was never a good idea any. Btw I recently discovered its finally possible to target the AN without the feed now. Yay

  • Eric Seufert decrypts that infamous FB FAQ pdf that leaked for you (also here)

  • Some actionnable stuff from 2ndPotion’s Kevin Bravo in the Mobile UA show: how to deal with conversion values in SKA (check also his YouTube tutorial). The only solid content on the topic I’ve seen alongside Tenjin clients workshops.

  • A rare contrarian opinion on IDFA deprecation: let’s rip off the band-aid ASAP in the must-follow Deconstructor of Fun

  • IDFA: apps moving to the web? mmmm…
    We may finally have passed the denial & anger stages, entering bargaining now: developers think they might move their budget to Android - hardly profitable for anyone in the subscription space - and the ever promise of the web and it’s 1/10 fee (Stripe and other competitors with worse UX will charge about 3% of your transactions). Not so easy fellows… I’ve failed at executing this twice myself (worse unit econ). Check Eric’s thread on the topic.

  • Early (biased) data shows our assumptions may be completed wrong. Consent could be much higher, LAT too (or maybe not, that dataset wasn’t quite reliable), but CPM may drop much less than expect… :popcorn:

  • Timing is everything: the same day Apple announced the IDFA deprecation delay, they published (on Youtube…) a video ad about iPhone’s privacy.

  • More future-forward content from Eric: what would GAID deprecation look like. While I posit that Google would delay this move, a few reasons detailed there make a compelling case for its likelihood, as it could bring the garden walls even higher

  • MMPs are starting to showcase their dashboards. Ping me in DM with your own experience. Even more so: how are you you testing this, given the lack of support from networks? btw, I’m also interested to share consent popup testing experineces in private and will try to publish content on this later this quarter.

🧼 Dirty little secrets in mobile

  • Mintegral (Mobvista owned) SDK, which is used by apps generating 9-digits monthly downloads, includes malicious functionality leaking user data and opens the door for ad fraud through last minute click injection. Initially reported by Snyk, read also John Kostner in Forbes. Nice detail to turn off the feature if simulated/debugged/rooted/proxy’d.

  • Less covered by the press, but Jiguang’s (PN) SDK - and its 37.2b cumulatived installs across 1.36b devices - also did some creepy data collection in the background.

💡 Worth following

(aka: where I get my sources from)

  • #Hooked: The awesome looked briefly into TikTok addictive feed mechanics

  • AppAgent is releasing regular episodes of “Ad Eaters” showcasing creative creatives. Check S01E02 here. Good job Tina

  • The Cohort: 5 mobile marketing stories daily. Some gold there.

👔 Job hunting

Unless specified otherwise, reach out to me for an warm intro

  • Paris-based profitable, fast (organic-led) growing subs app is looking for both a CMO & a COO. Small team, big growth ahead

  • Sweden Fishbrain looking for a CRM/email freelancer, Braze experience a must.

  • London ProductMadness is looking for a UA team lead (contact Claire Rozin)

  • To my surprise MMPs keep hiring like tomorrow’s sun will shine as in July in Mallorca. Among many other offers. I know Appsflyer’s Berlin team enough to think it’s a good place to be.

  • TFT app Tacter is hiring multiple technical roles. “Own product, full remote, small team.”

  • Femtech is about to explode and Sexual wellness & women empowerment app Emjoy is looking for a UA manager in Barcelona, partial remote OK.

  • Phiture is hiring a Head of Marketing in Berlin. Great company culture there

That’s it folks for September!

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