MADV 007 - It's early spring!

"Where's there's smoke, there's fire"

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I was also expecting a major event “early 2021” and wanted MADV to be past it, but here we are, hanging without any precise date… Hopefully we can rip the band-aid soon and move on.

💡 Noticeable news from Q1

  • As major ad platforms took back most targeting & optimization levers, UA managers increasingly focus on ad creative production, testing & deployment. AppAgent released a solid free ebook about their method & learnings (highlights)

  • “The best apps today are games in disguise” - I often tell app developers to get inspiration from gaming pioneers, and use the quote that “games are to apps what porn has been to ecommerce”. This is valid for UA, and for in-app tactics. a16z agrees

  • Another marketing advice I keep repeating is to prioritize benefits over features. I’ve updated my favorite illustration on this:

🔥 App Stores : antitrust, fees & scams

  • The AppStore revenue keep soaring even ahead of predictions. In Q1, iOS consumer spent rose another 40% yoy to $21b (AppAnnie data)

  • Last year, EPIC Games’ vocal stance against stores’ policy on payments (leading to Fortnite being kicked out both app stores), followed by the creation of the “Coalition of app fairness”, has attracted a lot of scrutiny on store fees. This is most likely what pushed Apple to open up a SMB program where developers earning less than $1m yearly can apply to get their fee down to 15%.

  • Some good news from Google, for once: following Apple lead, Google will also lower store fee by half later this year, and this will apply to all developers automatically. For many, that means $150k in extra cash in 2021!

  • As often, such fee reduction is really just a PR move, at times where GAFA are in the crosshair: the cost on the platforms bottom line is small in proportion to their gigantic profits - and funny enough the almost exact same number, the restrictive mechanics on the Appstore compensating for its 2x revenue.

  • It’s no news that app stores are winner-takes-all markets with huge concentration at the top, but I still found the stats following those announcement staggering: AppAnnie estimates that only 2.6% of iOS developers are over the $1m mark (on Play, not even 1% developers get there). The other 97.4% collectively represent 7.6% of revenue. If one zooms further, most of the elite of developers is not flying private to their beach in the Bahamas neither. On the other side of the spectrum, over half of AppStore revenue is made by developers earning 50+m yearly. (AppFigures)

  • One of the justification of the 30% fee, beyond payment processing and discovery, is that the app stores create “a safe and trusted” environment. While the lax control on Play makes this debatable, some horror stories also affecting the AppStore are putting stress to the argument. One of the latest instance is crypto fishing through a fake Trezor app. Avast shared no less than 134 examples of “Fleeceware” on iOS, with over half a billion installs and $365m in revenue… There’s no lack of reporting of scams, especially involving subscriptions apps. AppsExposed, Kosta eleftheriou, DrBarnard, Marco Arment, Ryan Jones & others have reported them for years, while proposing solutions. The pattern is often clear: fake ratings & reviews, hardcore paywalls at first launch, insane weekly prices, aggressive ads (for example here on TikTok). TheVerge, Techcrunch and other media outlets helped give the problem visibility, but Apple is moving slowly (uninstall popup last year, weekly pricing now?) but this harm done to consumers is a real concern for legit developers.

📈 Benchmarks

A wise friend told me we shouldn’t focus so much on benchmarks. The way I see it, "A good conversion rate is one that's better than yesterday”. It means you're improving, understanding your users better. Better measure your product to its past version than spending time researching your neighboor's dick size.

☑️ Subscriptions FTW

🤳 First party content!

“We listen to your feedback” has lost most of its meaning since a tech giant decided to use it as a running gag and act the opposite. A few MADV readers told me they don’t want a list of webinars & panels like in episode 006. Here are still some free content that might peak your curiosity, check the “speaker” section of my Linkedin for more of those. And for those with no time to attend all those post-covid webinars, remember does the curation & summary job for you (and your team).

I haven’t included the HR section, but if you’re looking for work as a UA manager, Senior PM or subs monetization lead, hit me up!

I had deep dives on Roblox & Strava planned, but it’s getting to gmail size limit already. Instead I’ll end on that note: I’ve decided to rewatch HBO’s Silicon Valley last month, all 6 seasons, and while I knew what to expect, I can only recommend you to do the same. It’s so real it’s frightening. Huge laughs again too. Recently, I noticed some services with PiedPiper winks in their onboarding, such as the sign-up form on Just avoid Pipey the piper.... Well Bitclout has Clippy, so what could go wrong?

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