MADV 002 - is back and is going public...

... its URL at least. October 1-10

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Previously, on MADV… S01E01 was good for feedback and last minute tweaks (emoji yay! typo nay!). This new episode covers October 1-9th. I tried to be shorter, but I failed again.

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This newsletter features primarily other people’s content, on purpose. Once in a while, I do publish stuff myself:

  • Nothing new this week, but I’m preparing 2 fresh pieces of content, one of which is a prezo on subscription apps to be showcased live at MAMASaoPaolo on Wednesday 15/10 (free signup). As usual with public event, I’ll post the slides on my Slideshare, feel free to browse older ones in the meantime.

🔥 What’s hot, October 2020

☑️ The subscription corner

  •’s Nico has a 2-tweets post on subscription pricing well worth a look:

💀 The IDFA corner

  • I haven’t heard many (new) news around IDFA this week for once… but Apple reviewers not being aware that the IDFA & ATT changes are postponed until January is biting some devs who can’t release… In this example, it happened for 2 releases in a row. FAIL.

  • Also a reminder: if you’re testing ATT implementation to measure consent rate, be very careful to do it on a small sample (or better, use a fake/soft prompt instead! against guidelines btw), as firing ATT will block you from accessing IDFA from the (majority?) of non-consenters.

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